About Us


Established in 2008,  London Music Centre has been established to offer top music education to students across the capital making a real difference.

In 2016 we have taken a bigger idea and made it happen: Get those finest musicians to fulfil their true calling as Classical performers on a viable scale.

And with proven ensembles, performing already in the UK, Europe and internationally, in ensembles or as soloists, we have put all their tremendous talent available to the public.

And by public we mean the top 1 percent. From Classical aficionados to business elite, from connoisseurs to luxury seekers or your local hedonistic fashionistas to indulge on the highest art available –

Music. Live music. Classical music.

Our Statement

You have the freedom to design your special event to the utmost specifications, making sure your special day will not be merely remembered but referred to as a hallmark of style, panaché and taste for others to follow.

We understand luxury, and want to share it with you; providing you with new ideas, suggestions and inspirations to make your event significant in the most definitive meaning of the word.

Your event is the canvas and the music is one of its defining brushes.

What We Offer

At LMC, we have hand-picked over 250 musicians, graduates of the prestigious, world-renowned Royal Academy of Music, Royal College of Music, Guildhall School of Music & Drama and Trinity Laban amongst other leading conservatoires around the world.

We want you to experience what 20 years of practice sound like right in front of you and for the pleasure of your special invitees.