Annual Performances

Annual Classical Music Performances At Your School

Project Details

London Music Centre - School DivisionBringing Classical Music Performance To Your School's DoorstepEstablished 2003

Project Description

At London Music Centre we don’t believe in hard work alone but also in aspiring to achieve greatness. And we believe that our eyes are the most dominant agents to inspire us and to let new possibilities that previously couldn’t been conceived into a reality.

Not many families have the opportunity or indeed inclination to take their children to see live performances of Classical music to further their education, goals and aspirations. Bringing a small Trio or Quartet to perform at one of the school assembly not only will demonstrate your deep appreciation to such lofty spheres but also bring an unforgettable and unique experience to each and every student of your school. Those events are hardly forgotten decades later and very likely to be of a substantial effect on their immediate lives or later on as adults.

We will offer the very best musicians available in London and for manageable fees, especially if we’re already engaged with you regularly, to ensure nothing is beyond the reach of your school’s community regardless of the means and circumstances.

We cherish the opportunity to shine with you!